Be careful what you ask for

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Ask and it is given to you.  Really?  I mean really, do you think it is actually that easy?  To simply ask for something, and it is given to you.

For sure, I have asked for a lot, for a long time, and it hasn’t been given, well maybe some has, but the things I desire the most are still out there in the ether.

So it got me to thinking, maybe – like a lot of bible scriptures – that the term “Ask and it will be given to you;…” (Matthew 7:7), is possibly a little more cryptic than I had considered.

Maybe, it should be contemplated more definitive as “Ask a question and you are given the answer”.  This concept, I can honestly say, has proven to yield solid progress in my life.

For example, when working and stuck for an idea, my subconscious automatically says “What would be the best solution here”… or likewise when searching for a lost object “Where exactly is the item I am looking for?”  Give it time and eventually I am led to a resolve.  The resolve is unfolded in front of me.

I asked a question, I am given the answer.  That is the given.

So we ask, how can this alternative perception of the concept be integrated into the manifesting process of your desires.  Well, I’ve begun to change my tune with how I ask for my desires to manifest.  Don’t state it directly – “I’m so grateful that my business is super successful, thank you”, instead, ask “What will it take for my business to be super successful?”  See the difference?

Know the difference, and begin rephrasing what you’re asking for.  Be willing to act on the guidance you receive.  And ask again.

Before you ask your question set your intention and connect with source.  Envisage a beautiful emerald green light emanating from your heart chakra, out in front of you and then all around.

Ask for it, then surrender it, let it go.


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Chakra Queen.

7 Hacks for Daily Chakra Balancing


When it comes to chakra awareness and striving to maintain balance, I’m all for the quick fix and easy to implement solutions.

It can be really liberating and novel once you realise how simple it is to integrate some chakra love into your daily routine.

Lets begin with your clothes. Get into the habit of checking in with the vibe you woke up with this morning. How do you feel? What event’s lay ahead for you today? What’s the weather like? Consideration to these aspects usually prompts the “What will I wear?” routine, and the inevitable thumbing through hangars, and lifting up of piles of clothes.

It only takes a random t-shirt to show a smidge of it’s printed front you like, and you think – Yep. I haven’t worn that in ages. And over the head it goes.

Then, later on in the day, when you’re feeling like a walrus with gender issues, you realise that maybe you should have worn that cute yellow sundress. You see, because yellow resonates with the vibrations of power, instinct and self-trust – it would have really come in handy when attending that art exhibition.

Another great way to treat your “chakra in distress” each day, is to wear that particular colour underwear.

Think about some fragrance. Which essential oil could you dab on your wrist for some enhanced aromatic stimulation? Perhaps burn some essential oil or incense.

Jewellery. Pop on your favourite amethyst necklace for some self perception or clarity during the day. Or that beautiful citrine ring you were given (for a reason), that you never wear, as the vision of it may induce opinions of being a dread head hippy, by judgmental co-workers.  Just wear it!

Grab a crystal or polished stone, put it in your bra, or pocket – if it’s something like onyx, which is grounding.

Speaking of grounding, if you sense you’re in need of it, try making a soup of root vegetables, or eat strawberries, watermelon or carrots. Incorporate the suitable foods into your diet – think about what your body is craving or needs, not what is conveniently placed in front of you.

Sometimes I find myself in warrior pose for a prolonged amount of torture time, unknowingly emitting thoughts of “‘being strong’, ‘standing steady’ or ‘facing my fears'”. Other times I’m curled up in child’s pose resting, reflecting or imagining a brighter future. Throw a few stretches in at the end of the day – your body tells you when it is requiring attention, honour that intuitive message and entice a foot rub out of your partner. Ahhh, thanks babe.

And lastly, when you’re in bed at the end of each day trying to fast forward through the day’s happenings in your mind’s eye, look for the things to be grateful for.  Every.  Last.  One.

Chakra hack your day with the colour of your clothes or underwear, by choosing the relevant fragrance, jewellery, crystals or stones, honouring your body with the appropriate food, yoga or stretches and with appreciative contemplation.

It’s relatively easy when you are being mindful of how you feel, what your body needs, what your soul yearns for, and just paying that little bit more attention.

Honouring all of your vibrations and responding to them in a loving, nurturing and colourful way, is adding to the wellness of your energy, directly through the balance of your chakras.


Chakra Queen.

The 7 Hacks for Daily Chakra Balancing;

  1. Colour of your Clothing
  2. Fragrance
  3. Jewellery
  4. Crystals or Stones
  5. Food
  6. Yoga poses or Exercise
  7. Appreciativeness

Chakra associations for each of these terms can be found at

7 Hacks for Daily Chakra Balancing
7 Hacks for Daily Chakra Balancing

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